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Dr.M.S. Reddy & Syama Reddy Honoured at NATA Day Celebrations

Dr.M.S. Reddy & Syama Reddy Honoured for Entrepreneurship at NATA Day Celebrations and TCAGT Deepavali in Toronto, Canada.

Dr.M.S. Reddy & Syama Reddy The Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto (TCAGT) and North American Telugu Association (NATA) organized Depavali and NATA Day Celebrations in a grand scale and honoured chief guests Dr. M.S. Reddy (Dr. Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy) and Syama Reddy couple for their philanthropic and charitable activities. The Reddy couple, well recognized as Telugu entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology as applicable to the U.S. and Worldwide dairy and food industry with special emphasis on Italian, Spanish and American variety of cheeses, complimentary alternative medicine, Probiotics and biological pollution mitigation.

They are known for their generosity in donating thousands of dollars for Telugu and other charitable events.

Both of them were honoured with flower garlands and silk shawls with a grand standing ovation. A grand dinner was organized after the function in honour of Dr. and Mrs. Reddy with the attendance of Governor of Toronto Lions Club, members of the Canadian Parliament, and various businessmen, dignitaries, and leading community leaders. The entire program was televised. The TCAGT and NATA organized these events with a great zeal in Toronto, Canada on October 29 & 30, 2011. Over 600 people from Toronto and surrounding cities attended the ceremony packed with music, dance, drama, comedy and many more.


The celebrations started with traditional deeparadhana and national anthem. TCAGT President Rao Vajha welcomed the guests. Consul and Head of Chancery at Indian Consulate Ms D.Charanadasi attended as guest of honour. NATA International Vice-president Dr. Haranath Policherla, Regional Vice-president Surya Bezawada, and Mississauga East Cooksville Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Deepika Damerla participated and ensured the success of these events.


In his keynote address, Dr. M S Reddy has inspired and motivated the audience with his talk on the principles of success and steps to follow to achieve success in Canada. He strongly believes that ‘health is wealth’. He educated the audience how a simple idea and hope can help to change the direction of the life into successful and happy ventures. Dr. Reddy is a founder and Advisory Council member of NATA and has served in various capacities in many Telugu Associations. He is the President and Chairman of The American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories (ADFAC, Labs), and International Media and Cultures (IMAC, Inc.), Denver Colorado., with eleven manufacturing facilities in eight states. He has received over 80 national and international awards and honors from all over the world including Richard M. Hoyt memorial award, Outstanding Young Alumnus Recognition, Sigma-Xi Research award; Outstanding Scientist award from IAFC, Ronald Regan Gold Medal award, 2006 Bharath Gaurav Award and Hind Rattan Award; “2009 Veda Brahma award” and 2010 “International Dharma award”.


Dr. M.S. Reddy narrated the success of NATA in such a short time and presented NATA mission in a very professional way and reiterated that NATA will become the largest organization in the world in serving Telugu community all over the world. Talking about the Newsletter edited by Samba Reddy, he said that “as scientist and writer myself -- writing is a great art and only few can write effectively”. He lauded the persistent efforts of NATA team led by AVN Reddy as President and Drs. Malla Reddy and Prem Reddy as core advisory council members.


Ms. Syama Reddy, a Board of Director of NATA, gave a lecture on role of women in the modern society. She shared her experiences as women entrepreneur. She provided recipe and few tips to incorporate in their daily routines. Syama Reddy serves as President of Reddy Properties, a real estate holding company with properties in 10 states and Vice-president of American Dairy and Food Consulting Laboratories and International Media and Cultures, USA. Previously she received several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Mercurial Business Woman, “Asian Woman in Business”, Hind Rattan and Bharat Gaurav Awards and International Entrepreneur of the year in 2003.


On October 30th meeting held in a convention center, several organizations and the public was invited to attend seminar on “improving entrepreneurial skills in Canada”. Dr. M.S. Reddy gave a two hour lecture on this subject. Mrs. Syama Reddy spoke for 30 minutes on developing skills to become an entrepreneur with a special emphasis on role of women. Her lecture received standing ovation. In both of their honour, a grand dinner meeting was organized on the evening of October 30 in a banquet hall. Several community leaders, businessmen of Toronto, officers of the Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto attended the dinner meeting. 


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