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Reddys Matrimony

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Some of well known Reddys in Civil Services

I.A.S Officers

Dr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy, I.A.S - RBI Governor and Eminent economist

K. Jaya Barath Reddy, I.A.S - Chief Secretary - Andhra Pradesh

E.V. Rami Reddy, I.A.S - Special Secretary - Andhra Pradesh

P. Rama Kanth Reddy, I.A.S - Revenue Secretary - Andhra Pradesh

Prabhakar Reddy, I.A.S - Andhra Pradesh

S.G.V. Reddy, I.A.S - Chief Secretary - Karnataka

L. Premchandra Reddy, I.A.S - Andhra Pradesh (Collector Ranga Reddy Dt)

J Bapu Reddy - IAS Commissioner of Endowments (retired)

AVS Reddy - IAS officer

G.Venkata Rama Reddy- IAS (Working as District collector Srikakulam dist)


I.P.S Officers

G. Srinivas Reddy, I.P.S - Was the Former Inspector General of Police and Principal 

M. Mahender Reddy, I.P.S - Retd DGP of Andhra Pradesh

C. Anjaneya Reddy, I.P.S - Andhra Pradesh

Reddivari Venkata Reddy - First Advocate - Chittoor District, Parliamentary Secretary - Madras

Reddivari Venugopal Reddy - Advocate General - Andhra Pradesh

B.Srikanth Reddy, I.P.S - Retd IGP - Ex President of Reddy Society and Nizam Club

P Mahender Reddy, I.P.S Officer, Commissioner of Cyberabad

Kothakota Srinivasula Reddy, I.P.S Officer, SP, Mahaboob Nagar

Dr. B.V.Prasad Reddy - IRS, Jt. Commissioner, Income tax, Hyderabad

K.Rajendranath Reddy – I.P.S, Director Excise&Prohibition, Hyderabad

Mr Shivadhar Reddy – I.P.S, SP Guntur

Mr Nagi Reddy – I.P.S, SP,Kadapa

Mr Malla Reddy – I.P.S, SP Kurnool

Chandrasekhar Reddy - IPS officer


I.F.S Officers

B. Sivakumar Reddy - I.F.S - Serving the state of Maharashtra since 1983

Home Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

A. Rama Mohan Reddy - I.F.S, Himachal Pradesh

O. Pulla Reddy - I.C.S - Defense Secretary - India, Chief Secretary - Madras State, Founding vice chancellor of A.P Agricultural University 


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