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Reddy Society is the organization to promote the well-being of the reddy community and to safe guard their rights and interests. To secure the fusion of the several subjects of reddy community. is aimed to discuss issues such as latest technical developments, job opportunities, voluntary works, identity, politics, marriages/divorces, women welfare, student welfare, community service and family relationships.

The Objective of the Reddy Society is:

  • To promote well being of the members of the reddy community and to safeguard common interests.
  • To strive for social, educational, cultural and economic upliftment of the community.
  • To inculcate scientific temper and rational thinking within the community to be inn tune with evolving technological Advancement.
  • To raise funds through donations & Memberships.
  • To establish units of Objective of the Reddy Society at district level.
  • To establish Hospitals, Educational institutions and hostel for students of Reddy community.
  • To provide scholarships extending monetary supports to deserving students of the community on the basis of merit and means of the students.
  • To publish Souvenir, books and journal.
  • To establish old age homes, community Halls, and Counseling centers.
  • Help poor and talented students, by suggestions & proper guidance and by any other ways possible.

The Mission of Reddy Society is to:

  1. Encouragement:
    1. Encourage people across different Regions/countries and cultures to know and meet each other.
    2. Discuss issues that are relevant to the socio-cultural and economic situation of our community, state and the country.
    3. Encourage active participation of people in voluntary organizations.
  2. Information and knowledge:
    1. Help poor and talented students, by suggestions & proper guidance and by any other ways possible.
    2. Maintain a database of volunteers which can be useful to plan voluntary activities and programs.
    3. Maintain a database of student hostels all over the state, with all contact numbers and details.
    4. Help people in finding their life partners, through the matrimonial section.

Founder & Moderator

Vijender Reddy

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Reddys 2nd in India, 5th in Asia, 11th in World, The 4th Most Richest Community in World, by 2018 Reddys will be Worlds No.1 ?
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